Bb. Color Gloss To Revive Color Treated Hair

Bumble & Bumble’s S-Complex and Slip Mix revives your highlights, lowlights, single process, at-home color and imparts a prismatic shine that lasts up to 3 washes.

The Clear Color Gloss is The stuff gleams are made of. This glossifying treatment softens hair with our S-Complex and Slip Mix – and imparts a prismatic shine.

The Cool Blonde Color Gloss neutralizes yellow-orange tones.

While the Warm Blonde Color Gloss provides a luminosity that adds instant luster, brilliant dimension and warm, golden tones.

The Universal Red Color Gloss also provides luminosity that adds instant luster and brilliant dimension that awakens all red tones.

Last, but not least the Brunette Color Gloss also adds luminosity and instant luster to provide brilliant dimension and classic brown tones.

Now Available at rouge!


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