Celebrate Love All Month Long!

Celebrate Love All Month Long!

Chocolate facials are made from antioxidant-rich cocoa, it contains flavonoids, which protect cells from free radical damage.

Although eating chocolate was once believed to cause breakouts, research shows that dark variety is good for your skin. A study in the Journal of Nutrition gave women high or low flavanol powder dissolved in water and discovered that flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin and improve skin’s hydration and complexion [Source: Journal of Nutrition].

Chocolate will not only enhance your complexion but also ensure that your skin is healthy and glowing in the long run.

Why is a Chocolate Facial good for your skin?

  • Chocolate is high in anti-oxidants and contains anti-ageing properties.
  • Chocolate also imparts a healthy glow to your face.
  • It increases the production of collagen and lightens blemishes and acne marks.
  • It hydrates your skin and softens delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It suits all skin types

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