Introducing Guinot’s New Night Logic Moisturizer!


Restore the glow of your facial skin with Guinot Night Logic night cream! Such is the hectic rhythm of modern life in the city that we encounter sleep deprivation, stress and the noisy city streets that we have got so used to. How does this affect our body and facial skin?


The stress we are subjected to triggers a chain of chemical reactions, which make skin sensitive and irritate it. Under conditions of heightened stress, the hormone cortisol is increasingly secreted, making facial skin greasy, as a result of which facial skin becomes dull and looks tired.


At night, skin naturally rejuvenates, but it is vital to support regeneration processes. By connecting the body’s natural regeneration processes with high quality caring cosmetics, you will ensure that your facial skin looks rested.


The ingredients in Guinot’s night cream Night Logic include a complex of hydrocytes for deep moisturization of the skin, a Chrononight complex to activate the metabolism of cells and esculoside to improve blood circulation. The cream must be used every evening, applying it to cleansed skin. Suitable for all skin types and all age groups.


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