Three key steps in a very high-performance treatment to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face. 

Phytomer JarAt the high-end of scientific expertise and excellence in facial care PHYTOMER EXTENDED YOUTH offers unique results paired with a precious moment of total well-being.

Thanks to three high-performing professional products and a unique procedure which optimizes the effectiveness of their ingredients, this treatment works in 3 phases:
– it resurfaces the skin using a new generation exfoliant,
– it corrects wrinkles using a specifically formulated massage wax,
– it restructures facial skin by combining the use of specifically concentrated ingredients with a high-tech smoothing, firming mask.

Results: a younger looking face, wrinkles are less visible and skin is firmer and more radiant.


Now, exclusively available at Rouge Salem, you can enjoy pain-free rejuvenation without the injections…and at a fraction of the cost of Botox™.

Come in for the luxurious Phytomer Spa Treatment Facial and in just 60 minutes you will experience instant results: visibly plump skin, fewer visible wrinkles and more radiant skin.

After your facial, continue your youth enhancing experience with a deluxe size of Phytomer’s XMF Treatment which is full of youth preserving ingredients and 100% natural and safe.

Proven Results In 4 Weeks*





Wrinkle Correction
Wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 66%*
Wrinkles are reduced for 84% of women**

Firming of the face
The skin is up to 5 times firmer*
The skin is firmer for 96% of women**

Improvement of the skin’s appearance
The skin is up to 63% smoother*
The complexion is more luminous for 92% of women**

* Effectiveness test carried out one hour after the treatment on 24 women who received the treatment. Average reduction of wrinkle depth: 19%. Average reduction of skin roughness: 19%. Average increase of skin firmness: 19%.
** Satisfaction test carried out on 24 women who received the treatment